Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What an amazing young man!

Last night was Matthew's semi-formal (Grade 11 - second to last year of school). It is a great safe evening for the kids, to let their hair down and celebrate. So here are some photos of my handsome boy.

 We had the traditional photo shoot, with our boy.
 Even standing uphill - I cannot believe how tall my young man is. I am a very proud Mum.
 I love you Matthew!
 Matthew and Elizabeth share a close moment.  Elizabeth was quite emotional seeing Matthew so grown up.  He has always been her 'little brother' and she said it suddenly hit her that Matthew was now a young man.
 And of course a photo with his 'not so little' sister. Sarah and Matthew had some fun, taking photos, but I finally managed to get this one that I could post :)
Granny and Grandad came up to see Matthew and have a photo taken, as well.

Matt's evening began at 6.30 with us girls dropping us off at Woodlands of Marburg - just up the road from us.  We all went to pick him up at 10.30pm - the girls didn't want to miss out on any of the gossip of the evening.  He was hoarse from talking and shouting, and had sore feet from dancing - hailing the evening a huge success.  His school group had a table to themselves and they all danced the night away.  Matt had a chance to have a few professional photos taken, so I can't wait to see these. 

My baby boy is so grown up. I love you Matthew


darlin said...

Lovely photos and what a fun evening for your son. I can see why you're so proud!

Ian Weatherburn said...

How awesome! You look really great Matthew and I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time - good for you.