Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mt Glorious photos

How to choose which photos to post?  I have over 100 amazing photos taken yesterday and am finding it quite difficult to choose which ones.  So here goes - first of all some amazing portraits taken yesterday - Elizabeth was so relaxed all day - we used her as a model.  Dad hates having his photo taken, so I waited him out and got this fantastic one and Sarah, well she was in her element, using Mom's camera to take some photos.

Looking up is essential in the forest - trees grow up to above 100ft tall.

Looking so well and relaxed Elizabeth

This tree was a recent fall, instead of chopping it up each side of the path, they have created a great step over the path.

Budding photographer

Mom, concentrating on her picture.

And my handsome DAD

Of course, there had to be a photo of me, somewhere - Elizabeth took this great shot.
Next post, will show the forest and all its beauty. But, I love portraits - people are what make the world go round and this is part of my lovely family.  Ivan of course is overseas and poor Matthew was at school for the day.


Michelle said...

Absolutely wonderful photos, Beverly, all of them! But, my favourite is the one of Elizabeth. Just Gorgeous.

Beverly said...

It is the most peaceful beautiful of photo of her I have seen in years.