Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mt Glorious Forest photos

Check out the previous post for some amazing portrait photos taken yesterday at Mt. Glorious - I am so happy with them. But, here are now some actual forest pictures - Hmm, which ones to choose?

 Looking through all my photos, I realised that I had really focussed on the unusual and funky yesterday, so I hope you enjoy.

 There were lots of fallen trees, and I decided to take some photos of the insides - this one is amazing as it has been hollowed out completely and the light is shining through from the end.
 This is the root of the big tree that has fallen across the path.
 And this is looking down the gully, you cannot even see the end of the tree, it is so big.  It has also cleared the canopy and brought down some of the smaller trees, giving light to the undergrowth.
 I couldn't resist adding a 'people' photo!
 If Dad could have carried this large, heavy slab back out to the car, we would have - it would have made beautiful carving wood - although it is hardwood and I mean really hard wood - so maybe not.
 Inside another tree, luckily I met no residents - I love digital, as I just placed my camera near the entrance and let it do everything itself - no heads or hands inside.
 And to end a funky 'look-up' photo - one of the very tall trees.

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darlin said...

Beverly I'm glad you included some people in the one photo, it shows the size of the trees, they're HUGE! That's what the flood did? That's unreal, the roots themselves are enormous!

The inside of the tree shots are really interesting, great photos!

Enjoy your day!