Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sarah's Home schooling poem

Yesterday & today I set Sarah some home-schooling poetry work, I love poetry and she used to write great stuff.  This is a great book, with exercises and challenges in different styles.

She enjoyed it so much that she asked me for a topic - I said 'Moving House' - meaning to move from one house to another, but my amazingly creative girl - did something very different - here is her poem.  Read through it all and you will get her meaning. Well done Sarah.

Moving House
By Sarah Adair

Speeding down the fast highway, is our house our home to stay
Bathroom, shower, toilet, kitchen;
a steering wheel in our home -  a car of steel
In the back is our room, a king-size bed for only two
Lamps, lights, all by gas; every house is not as fast
The house is red, with a lightning bolt
Sadly, but rightly soon to be sold

A fast moving house is good when you’re young
But now we are old and need to move on
Now a house, small and comfy doesn’t move like our old RV
Our house, white, on top of a hill
Just me - old Mary, and my husband Bill.


Mom said...

This poem had us fooled when she came down to read it to us, halfway through I was thinking, what is she trying to tell, then along came the word "RV" and it all fell into place.
Well done Sarah. Keep up the good work

darlin said...

Interesting piece of writing, I thought Sarah was referring to the flood in the intro, then I became puzzled, and finally I got it! Great writing Sarah!