Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some photos of our Garage Sale preparations

 We decided to get creative in our display of all the clothes we have for sale - this is just some of them. They are all such good quality, and this way we hope that people can see them and buy.

 Not only did we work all day again on the garage sale preparations, but we also did our first personal training - boxing/stretch class yesterday - hence the exercise gear.  It was great fun, but my body knows all about it today.
 Our garage in a mess - it is filled with toys and boxes - most of the stuff is marked and now we just have to move it up to the front verandah
 And this is the section I am proudest of - our Sarah loves cuddly toys and we have managed to persuade her to part with some of them.  After many years of tears and fights, she has conceeded that she has grown out of some of her toys.  It is sad for her to say goodbye to many of the memories, but now she is ready to move on and allow some other children the joy of them all.
More pics to follow on the day.


darlin said...

WOW! Now that's a lot of clothes! Hopefully you'll have tons of traffic and plenty of sales to make your effort worthwhile, mind you those who receive any of this through a charity will be extremely happy and feeling blessed I'm sure.

Have a wonderful day Beverly and all the best with your sale!

Mom/Granny said...

My girls have done a wonderful job with this garage sale, especially Elizabeth who has had some real down time, but I think all this hard work for them both has brought them so close together, we must not forget our Sarah who has kept the house tidy, did the dishes and baked biscuits and cakes.
I know Bevelry is absolutely shatered but once all is over she can have a new start without so much baggage, and her and Ivan can have a romantic few days away in September, well done Beverly, Elizabeth and Sarah. Matthew get prepared for hard work on Sunday, we know you are working Saturday, but no excuse on Sunday, although I do believe they are all getting up at 5.30am, please wake Dad and I Beverly at about 8.00am with coffee and raisin toast !!!!!. No we will be there at 5.30 as well.