Monday, August 8, 2011

Spring is Sprung!

This is Princess Cleopatra - Queen of our Home.
Cleo has become such a part of our family - she lives in our bedroom but is part of the whole family.
 Elizabeth and Sarah spending the morning scrapbooking their Disney photos.
 Our tree with almost all its leaves gone and new buds beginning. A sure sign of Spring in Brisbane.

An early morning visitor and the new buds on the tree.
Some photos to make up for the week of no posts and photos.

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darlin said...

Beverly I've just devised a plan, I'll spend my summers here at home and I'll winter in Australia! That works by me, only one wee problem with that though, I need to win a lotto first! lol

That's some serious scrapbooking going on, what a wonderful way to spend a day and for your girls to spend some quality time together.

I LOVE the parrot, I can't even fathom such beautiful birds flying around in the open, here we have to pay $2500 or so for a bird like that and with an investment like that we keep them under lock and key! Caged up and in homes, not lock and key literally!

Happy spring! That sounds odd to be saying that at this time of year when we're supposedly still in our summer months. Your winter sure doesn't last long, or so it seems.

Have a wonderful week!