Monday, August 29, 2011

The camera makes the photograph?

This morning I was awake at 4am - Cleo decided she had had enough sleeping.  So by 6am I was up & dressed - it was a misty morning, so I decided to head to the river for a few photographs with my new camera.  I have been taking an hour in the early morning to do this and have some quiet time to myself - what a treat.

Anyway here are some of the results - taken with my new Canon EOS 600D digital camera.

Australian Native Mina bird in our garden

A spider web of water droplets

Lapwing Plover
 And this is one of my favourites - I am titling it - Don't cry for me!

And these two have to be Beauty and the Beast  (Beauty above - Beast below)
 Another great Duck close-up
 I loved this feather floating on the water - I tried some creative editing to improve this photo
 and again in this one!
 And finally as I was walking up to the car - this little fellow kept hopping in front of me - as though to say - please take my photo - so here is the Magpie Lark.
I am loving my photography again - after a few years of using point & shoot cameras that almost made me give up photography.  My frustration with the results was huge - so many out of focus and the colours just horrible. 

I hope you enjoyed the birds.

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Welcome back....:)