Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day Two and a successful weekend

First of all I want to say thank you to my amazing daughter Elizabeth - she was the motivation and driving force behind this garage sale.  Her dislike of clutter, forced the issue and her constant help over the past 10 days has meant that we have achieved miracles.

Sarah, although 8 years younger has been amazing; she has helped every day and I am so proud that at age 13 and a complete hoarder - she has finally relinquished many of the toys that she was hanging onto - despite having grown out of them.

Matthew, your muscles, strength and endurance have been invaluable over the days as we have moved and carried boxes, tables and set up for the sale.

Today we have beautiful weather after the rain of yesterday - although it was Sunday - we still had a few buyers which was good - and over the two days made almost $1000 profit - not bad :)  Now the stuff that we didn't sell will be donated to a wonderful local charity - The Ipswich Hospice.

And on that note - I want to say thank you Mum - you are wonderful - your energy & enthusiasm puts us all to shame & your organisational skills make everything run so smoothly.

Matt helping to pack up

Sarah saying farewell to some special friend.
And now for the highlight of the day:

My Dad - a very special man.

Exhaustion had set in, we were all getting a little cranky and we couldn't think what to do next. Dad was looking through a few of Matthew's shirts to try on and the next thing (with Matthew's help) he came out of the house to show us an outfit that he loved and wanted.  Well, we all just burst out laughing - none of us could do anything. So hopefully, this last photo will give you the smile you need on your day.  Dad you are wonderful!


Mom said...

Oh my goodness, I don't know when I have laughed so much, he was so funny even before you took the photos but the pictures on your blog are incredible. He looks so much like his Mother, I can't believe it. What a laugh and I honestly believe that he just made the day. !!!! It was a lot of work, but it was such fun, we met some wonderful neighbours, friends and other people, especially the little boy with no front teeth who only had a dollar to spend but ended up with a bag bigger than him as we kept charging him only 5 cents for each item, I think he thought it was Christmas. What a wonderful weekend, you and your family are amazing how hard you have all worked and I have enjoyed being part of it.

darlin said...

LOL your Dad is priceless! I love his new look!

That's fantastic news you did so well at your sale. I love what you did for the little boy with no front teeth, I bet that sure made his day!

Once again your family came together and made the sale a success, it's amazing what can transpire when everyone works together.

Have a wonderful week!

Beverly said...

Yes, Mom you are right - it was a great weekend - although last night I wasn't so sure.

Darlene - it was wonderful to see my children working so hard together and of course as they say a family that plays together stays together and in our case a family that works & plays together stays together.

Hope you have a great week as well.

Michelle said...

Congratulations Everyone! What a Successful Clean Out and Garage Sale. You will certainly enJOY all the new space, Beverly. :)