Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day Two

Cleopatra has made her presence felt in our house.  Abby and Bella are both so curious, of course we are having to keep her separated from them at the moment and that is driving them crazy.  Cleo has hissed and spat at them a few times through the fly-screen door, sending Bella running for the hills and Abby even more excited to get inside.

We have spent today sorting out and cleaning Sarah's new room - she was supposed to move into it when the renovations were complete, but it is the safest and best place for a kitten, so is in there now. She has been wonderful, even though last night she didn't sleep a wink.  Even when Cleo was asleep, she was awake, worrying about her - welcome to the world of "Mommyhood" Sarah.

Off to explore

Everyone loves Me

Even Matthew who didn't want another pet.
So now we settle into our routine of getting a cat introduced into the house.

The one good thing is that today I did the same amount of de-cluttering that I would normally achieve in a month - "Necessity is the mother of Invention"

I guess like getting Abby without a fenced in garden, Bella on a whim and Cleo without any planning, and they all are wonderful, this is the way we get things done.

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darlin said...

Awww, what a cute kitten! It's so true, we do things immediately when they need to get done but otherwise I find that I put things off at times just because I can... funny how that works! Good thing I'm having family over at the end of May for a BBQ, my house will be in tip top shape by then... I hope! lol

Have a fantastic day Beverly.