Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stupendous Sunday

On top of the world, or at least in the roof.
 I climbed into the roof space to check where we needed to drill through to attach the ceiling board. Our first board had gone up easy, but our second one, the markings were off - no wonder they had placed the 'noggin' (small cross-piece of wood) in crooked.  I am learning a whole new vocaubulary as well as how to use various tools.
Elizabeth lends her height.
 Having Elizabeth home today was excellent as she had the height to hold the board up for Dad while he screwed it to the beams.  This is in the room that is going to be Elizabeth's new room, where we took out the original cupboard. So we finished both rooms today.

Beautiful sunshine outside to mark and cut the boards.

Big room sealed in - walls and ceilings
Matt's new room is going to be huge.  We were very successful getting it all finished and cleaned.  Now we have to clear the rooms, both of them. 

Elizabeth's room again.
So what is next - well  - we are not sure :)

First we have to get the cornice all cut and glued up, then we have to clean up the boards and plaster the joins and gaps, then all the furniture has to be removed and the walls sanded.  Oh dear that is going to be a mess.

After that, well we will probably paint, and lay the floorboards. Of course, we still have to create a passage into Elizabeth's new room, so it is a lot of work away.

I must admit that although it is very hard work, it is good to be working with my Mom and Dad again, we have done it for so many years, that it feels normal.

Mom, thanks for looking after the cooking these past couple of days, also for doing my shopping and ironing.

Sarah, thank you for your help and today, Matt I am glad you got down to doing your school assignments. 

So, I guess at the end of a successful weekend, we have made great progress.

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