Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Post No 2.

Sarah and Ivan (with Cleo)

Matthew with Ivan (making up food for the birds)

Elizabeth with Ivan (and of course Cleo)
These are the other wonderful reasons that I celebrate Mother's Day. My beautiful husband Ivan, who gave me the gift of a family. From the day he met me, he knew that I came along with a wish for children and not for a second did he hesitate to fulfill that wish (Grin . . . yes we had fun fulfilling it).

21 years ago today I celebrated my first Mother's Day - my Elizabeth was just a few months old and each year since has been filled with love and joy on this special day.  But, for me Mother's Day is just one day a year and my life is filled with this special JOY - every single day. 

So to my beautiful husband and my wonderful children - thank you for allowing me to enjoy this wonderful day.

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darlin said...

Awww, what a heart touching post Beverly. You have such a beautiful family and are so blessed to still have your Mother in your life. I failed to comment on your other Mother's day post I think. Your mother is such a gem, as was my mother. It saddens my heart not to have my mom here to celebrate her special day and then my children find some way to come along and make my day. I too am blessed with wonderful children and as you've seen, with my princess as well now. We are blessed through and through my friend.

I hope you enjoyed your special day! Which from the looks of it you sure did. :-)