Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mess and Dust Angels

Next step of our renovation has been to remove the cupboards separating Matthew and Sarah's old rooms - to make one very, very large room for Matthew.
Yesterday we took down the last of the plaster board and ceiling board and cleaned it all up. Elizabeth, Matthew and Sarah all helped.
Give a Boy a hammer

Getting into the swing of things
 I am getting really good at using the hammer and chisel and am enjoying learning all these new skills
I guess this is called 'brown-nosing'
 To help keep Dad on the ladder, Mum was holding him - this sight was so funny I had to run for the camera - she kept saying " I hope he doesn't fart"
Power Tool Girl
The power sander really sped things up - it created so much dust though - oh my goodness - should have taken down the curtains first. Oh well, lots tidying up and cleaning is going to be needed.


darlin said...

LOL looks like a blast! And you're right, you should have taken down the curtains but oh well... too late now. Nothing a good wash won't fix right up.

What grit of sandpaper were you using on the ceiling and is your ceiling stipple? I still have the patch in the ceiling where I took down my wall to have one huge bedroom but tried to use the sander and the paper just kept on ripping so I gave up. I'll get back at it sometime or if one of these guys ever calls which I've asked to help then they can do it, I've even offered to pay them but it's such a small job that nobody seems to be interested. Maybe a half day. The board is up and first coat, I wish I had your crew for an afternoon! ;-)

Keep up the awesome work, it's coming right along! Have a wonderful weekend.

Beverly said...

Thank you so much for your support. Our ceiling is flat, much better than stipple for sanding, but not as pretty in the finished product.

Tomorrow we are putting up the ceiling board and then hopefully we will have the other room finished next week.

Then it is painting of walls, new floor boards etc.

darlin said...

Now I want to get my room done, you've inspired me to get off this computer and head down to my hardware store and ask them how I can fix my ceiling! Thanks.

I think that the painting is by far the easiest part of the reno. That's most likely because I don't have a whole lot of experience doing the rest of the stuff, I'm used to being the helper not the foreman! lol

Have fun! I bet your son is extremely happy that his room is growing!

Dorothy said...

Hi Darlin, using Beverly's blog to answer your question about the sandpaper, Brian uses 60 grit on the machine, however you will need advice if you can use a power sander on your stippled sander, wish us luck today.

darlin said...

Thank you Dorothy, I went to my hardware store and they suggest that I scrape off all of the stipple which makes good sense then sand it down. I just wasn't thinking. I'll get to it one of these days soon I hope, I'm having my family over on the 28th and would like to have the work all done by then, if I do I do and if not oh well. Such is life!

All the best to you all, that's a big project you're all tackling but there's also lots of helping hands which sure helps the job go faster! I'm looking forward to seeing photos once the work is done!

Have a fantastic day!