Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden

Ten years ago this September 11th, I flew into Los Angeles airport on the very last plane allowed to land. I was in the USA on that grave day and I experienced along with the American people the spirit of unity, sadness, fear and despair that they felt.

My beautiful husband had been in New York just 2 days previously and for nearly 12 hours I was unable to contact anyone to let them know that I was safe on the ground.

To this day I still take the time to remember September 11th, I have been to Ground Zero, I have stood at the site and I have remembered.

When the news we released just 2 hours ago that the US Special Forces had killed Osama Bin Laden, I must admit that I celebrated. He was an evil man, an educated, thinking, clever, yet Evil Man.  He plotted the deliberate death of thousands and although his death will never bring them back, it is good that justice has been done.

Does that sit well, with my belief of 'forgiveness for all' - no it doesn't.  Should I have felt relieved and pleased? No I shouldn't have, but I am human.  I will tonight say a prayer for his soul and ask God to show him the love and mercy that he could have attained.

Tonight I will remember the victims of Sept 11th and know that they will all rest a little easier.


Julie said...

I certainly remember that Sept 11th..How we all waited and waited to see if you would be able to make it ing...and every time since then that I have to take a bus for a long ride I remember all your stories of that trip and how you bonded with your fellow travellers in a world gone suddenly out of control. Oh, and you can't think of sept 11 without thinking of Fuzzy Navel Coolers and hammocks can you? I too celebrated when I heard the news. Now if only there wasn't a line a hundred miles long to take his place....

Mom/Dorothy said...

Yes Julie, like you Brian and I were woken at 1.30am with a loud question from Ian, "where is my sister"?, I can assure you at 1.30am I thought he was mad, then he said "Are you not watching the TV ?, turn it on, and telll me where she is.:
Well the rest is history and we thank God every day that she was not on one of those planes. I can remember Brian and I sitting in bed as the second plane hit and we called out in a loud voice to God "Please don't take our daughter away from us" Our prayers were answered a few hours later when you contacted us for which we were eternally grateful. I also celebrated when Beverly told us the news, however I am not as kind or forgiving as she is and I hope him and his fellow terrorists rot in hell. !! And that is all I will say. Oh and by the way we also think about Fuzzy Navel Coolers, gee they were great, they have something similar here but definitely not as good.