Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A diversion from Renovations


The monster of countless movies, stories and tales and yet nothing like the 'beautiful' novel by Mary Shelley.

Elizabeth has urged me to read this book for ages, but first university reading and many other chores have prevented me doing so.  However, I recently picked it up and today, just minutes ago finished it.

What an evocative, beautiful, stirring and thought provoking book.  Frankenstein is the monster, not the monster that he creates - who is nameless and horrific.  If you want to learn something about yourself, about human nature and about love - I highly recommend you read Frankenstein.

Now back to the renovations - building something from nothing, with no knowledge.

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darlin said...

Good for you Beverly to take a bit of a break from renos, that's a huge job you're tackling and without a break you just might snap! lol I highly doubt you would be do take a break and rest when you feel the need coming on.

Take care and I'm glad you enjoyed your book, one I've never read I must say.