Monday, May 23, 2011

Sarah's Art

Sarah has always loved drawing, painting and art in all its forms - music and dance included.

Recently she drew a beautiful pencil drawing of an African Hoepoe (Bird) which I will post tomorrow. Today inspired by a message from a friend to 'play' I bought her three canvases, a few cheap brushed and some oil paints from our local $2 store.  This was inspired by a couple of abstract pieces of art that she had wanted to buy to decorate her new room ( which is going to be red, black & white).  Off handedly I said - well why don't you paint some yourself - her face lit up and instead of missing the moment, I grabbed it with both hands.

The results are the paintings above.  Two interesting ones and a spectacular Yin/Yan combination.  Now Matthew is commisioning her to paint him a canvas for his room. 

Way to go girl.


darlin said...

A budding artist, that's fantastic! I like that Matthew is getting Sarah to do a painting for his room as well, that's so special.

Sarah you do fantastic work, keep it up and who knows maybe I'll see some of your future paintings way over here in Canada! :-)

Beverly said...

Darlene, thanks for the comment for Sarah. She loves the creative side of life.

darlin said...

Beverly that's fantastic, we all have gifts and art must be one of hers!

I LOVE your blogger header photo here, that's awesome!

Michelle said...

Hilarious photo for your header, Beverly!! What a hoot!

Love the 'ripple effect' with Sarah's art ... well done, to both of you. :)

Julie said...

Wonderful idea and great paintings! Don't you love it when you are able to grab those moments. If she does paint a few more, maybe in the fall you could email me photos and I could use them as a discussion topic for my classroom? Just a thought....