Thursday, May 5, 2011

And So it Begins

We had a built-in Wardrobe
Yesterday I spoke to Dad about coming up this morning to see what we needed to do to begin our renovations and alterations.  Our first task was to remove a lovely built-in cupboard, that although is perfect, is in the wrong place - making the room narrow.

I thought it would be a morning of looking and deciding, but I should have known better.  Before I knew it the doors were off and we were stripping plasterboard.

Covered in Plasterboard dust
 The contents of the cupboard ended up on my bed and scattered around the house as we pulled down walls and frames.
Examining what is next

Space cleared and cleaned ready for the next assault.

After we took down the cupboard we realised that there was now a gap in the wall where a certain young kitten could easily fit - so an improvised plastic barrier will hopefully keep her out - otherwise we will be taking down all the walls to find her. 

It is going to be a slow, messy process for the next 4-6 months as we take down walls and build new ones.  I am getting Dad to teach me to use the tools and also to allow me to tackle the work myself.  It is one way that I can learn.

Of course, it does mean that not much else gets done, so children are taking over the household chores for me.  Matt did some ironing, Sarah helped hang out washing a packed & unpaced the dishwasher. We will save so much money doing it ourselves and have the satisfaction of a job perfectly done.


darlin said...

Good for you! I can't wait to see how this all turns out for you. I'm sure that you've noticed how much I love to renovate and decorate and I get excited watching a job from the beginning to end so please keep us posted on the changes from time to time k?

You are so blessed to have your Dad showing you how to do things and to have him doing the work. I wish I had a handyman around, it's tough to find someone without spending a small fortune to do the bit of work I still want done. All in good time, the right person will come along hopefully sooner than later!

That's so awesome the children don't mind kicking in and helping out, you are blessed!

Have a fantastic day!

Beverly said...

Thanks Darlene,

I am not so sure about the 'don't mind' bit - but the kids are good if I ask them. Also the alterations are all for them at this stage so they had better help

darlin said...

What a blessing to have children who respect and listen to you, a true sign of excellent parenting.

darlin said...

I feel as though I just put my children down there and they are not disrespectful by no means. My children also listen to me and respect me, it's my teenager niece who lives with me who causes me grief. Tonight I'm angry at her but that's another story in itself.

Have a great weekend and lots of fun with the renos!