Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday success

Today there was just Dad and I working, Elizabeth was out at the Newsagency and Matthew was at training.  Mom was doing the grocery shopping and Sarah had a friend over.  It worked out quite well though as the space wasn't too big and we had a system in place.
Wall space ready for the board

End of a successful morning.

After a few hours of fiddling and fitting we had two holes filled, and tomorrow we will cover in the ceiling and do the cornice. Then we will have finished one room.  The next task isn't isn't too large, but a bit fiddly.

I am also thinking of hiring a container for a couple of months to store all our furniture, so that we have a clear space to work. It will also make living in the house a little easier. So wait for the next photos.


darlin said...

Excellent work Beverly... now what are you up to? I'm curious what you're going to do next that you need the furniture out of the way. New flooring possibly?

Beverly said...

Next post will explain more. Glad we are inspiring you.

Dorothy said...

Darlin, please can Brian and I come and have a holiday with you, our labour is reasonable cheap, just a first class passage to whereever you are, and of course if you are in Canada, we would like a holiday at Banff, (not sure if that is how you spell it) but a couple of weeks of R & R then we could help you and then at least 4 months R & R at Banff. !!!!! So glad you are being such a good friend to Bevelry from so far away, she needs all the support she can get in her ventures into construction work. Keep up the good work in encouraging her, she sure needs it, Brian and I are very proud of her and her family. One of these days I am sure you and her will meet up somewhere.