Sunday, May 22, 2011

My family makes me proud

In the News
Mom and Dad were photographed and interviewed a couple of weeks ago for an article in our local Sunday Mail newspaper. This weekend is the Working with Wood show and to promote women joining the activities, this beautiful article was published.  It is such a lovely photo of both Mom and Dad.  Dad is in his workshop surrounded with his carvings and Mom is working on her Fairy that she is making for Elizabeth.  I am so proud of you both.

And of course I am also proud of my children. Today they helped me stip the two carpets from the room; old, pink, and not too dirty carpets, but still wooden floorboards will be much nicer.  Then we had to remove the wooden nail strips from the floors - a rather dangerous task.  I am most proud of their skills with the hammer and chisels and the positive, helpful attitude they all showed in helping out.  This room is now nearly ready for painting and floors. This coming week, we move onto room number two. 


darlin said...

Wow, that's fantastic that your Mum an Dad were featured in the paper. I love it that they work together, I wonder if that's a part of a long happy marriage? I'm still trying to figure it all out! lol

Your children are amazing, that's so awesome they pitch in and help you out.

You're going to have a brand new home in no time at all. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Enjoy your day. :-)

Dorothy said...

Hi darlin, Brian says "Oh wow we can have some free accommodation in Canada, wonder what we can do for her. We are very proud of Beverly and her family, they all pull together and do what they can.

darlin said...

Dorothy if you ever come to Edmonton, Alberta you bet you have a place to stay! And your daughter and her family are amazing, I love they way everyone comes together to get a job done! It feels so much better I believe when everyone does their part and the children learn this way as well. My daughter came to help me paint when I bought this house and I never realized that she'd never painted before, she learned in a quick hurry! :-)

Have a fantastic week!