Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's all about love and trust

Sleepy children
Cleo has been a fascination to the dogs since she arrived. Bella is quite calm and settled with her, but Abby is having a problem. Tonight however, after Abby went to bed, Sarah brought a sleepy Cleo out to join her and a sleepy Bella on the couch.
A little curiosity

 At no stage did Cleo show any fear of Bella, and Bella showed only curiosity of Cleo. In fact Cleo even had her paw on Bella's back and Bella sniffed Cleo's ears without any reaction.
The final success of the evening was Cleo quite happily turning her back on Bella, while Bella watched curiously on.  Sarah is doing so well with her calm energy, helping her two pets to bond together.

What great girls.  Now we need to just help Abby to adjust as well.


Julie said...

You might be interested to know that Jadzia is now living with 2 ( count 'em two!) cats. It took about a month apparently to get everyone settled together but now they all get along really well! I even saw it with my own two is possible...patience is all htat is required!

darlin said...

Sarah has a way with her pets and that's fantastic to see that she can get the cat and dog bonding. I'm out at the farm and the farm cat doesn't much like my dog in HER house, she's territorial but so far there's been nothing more than a few hisses from the cat... that I know of! lol

Have a great day Beverly, I'd best get back out to finish planting my garden... I'm actually planting this long weekend unlike the past two years, it snowed so I couldn't plant. Today it's beautiful, a little on the warm side but the house is nice and cool to stop and take breaks. :-)