Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Have you taken your MEDS today?

I have been listening to a new audio series by Guy Ferry called 'Ridiculous Bliss' - it is funny and inspiring and one of his ideas that struck a chord that I thought I would share is that we should take our MEDS daily.

Now what does it stand for - well M - Meditation; E- Exercise; D - Diet; S - Sleep.

Well if all those things are working well, then you probably are experiencing Blissful happiness.  Most of us in the Western world, don't do so well on at least one of those if not all of them.

He also talks about the 'Drunken Monkey' - this is the mind chatter that lives in our head and is a leftover relic from our days of 'survival mode' - in other words situations are dangerous, so we should fight or flight. 

Most of you reading this blog have long passed survival mode - you are in improvement mode, but still the Drunken Monkey keeps working.  If someone annoys you in a traffic jam, then your Drunken Monkey comes out and attacks, if someone is mean to you then your Drunken Monkey tells you to flee.  Isn't it an interesting thought that if we think of our thoughts and behaviours as those of a Drunken Monkey who is just trying to help us survive - then maybe we will view the world in a different way. 

I will try and share more of this idea tomorrow or in another post.  If you are interested in learning more from Guy Ferry yourself, go ahead - his series is called Achieving Ridiculous Bliss and is really funny and interesting as well as informative.

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darlin said...

Thank you Beverly, next time someone cuts me off in traffic instead of swearing at them, or shortly after swearing at them, I'll think of the drunken monkey! lol That's a good one and this guy sounds like he'd make learning psychology fun... very unlike the textbook I'm currently reading.

Have a great day!