Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We got framed

 An early morning photo, before we started - both looking fresh.

I think it goes this way.

That looks about right

Every job needs a few 'bums' working at it.

All hands to the frame

Standing in the doorway

Dad and I started this morning with a plan to get the frame up today - it was a little ambitious, but by 4pm we had succeeded.  Only one major measuring fault, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise and the wall frame is built - oh yes, we still need some noggins (those are the cross bits that give you something to which you can nail the wallboard.

Today was a good day, Sarah helped Granddad cut and measure wood and the whole family helped put the frame up in place.  Now only the gyprock walls, cornice along the ceilings, plastering the joints, sanding, wooden skirting boards, painting, wooden floorboards, etc, etc, etc

Oh my I think this project is huge.


Mom said...

Your father couldn't agree with you more, it gets bigger every day. Well done Beverly, Dad is very proud of you. Ok Ivan you can come home now, !!! most of the hard work is done. Hopefully you have made enough money to pay for all of this, I am sure though that he is going to be very proud of you and your family Beverly and of course your Dad.

darlin said...

LOL it's safe for your husband to come home now is it? And you bet there's a ton of work in renovating. Thank goodness that you're all pitching in and doing it yourself or you might never see your husband again... he's have to stay away working a lot longer to pay for it all! lol

Excellent job of framing, now let the fun begin! ;-) Have a fantastic day and all the best with the rest of your project!

Julie said...

I think we need to meet in Bali for a glass of wine and a rest from the dust & commotion of renos...of course, mine is easier than yours because I am only watching....but the downside of that is that THEY"RE DOING IT WRONG!!...

Dorothy said...

Julie, for goodness sake you should know by know that it needs to be a whole bottle !!!! Take care Brian and Dorothy. We sure miss your great sense of humor