Saturday, April 30, 2011

Welcome Princess Cleopatra

We have a new addition to our family.

Princess Cleopatra

Sarah's new kitten - Cleo
Sarah has an abiding love of animals in all shapes and sizes and along with a dog, she has always wanted a cat.

I could never see how this could possibly work out and put every barrier in her way.  Over the past few weeks I have realised that all of these are just in my head.  Everything will work out.  We will sort out the 'Dog/Cat' issues; the furniture issues; the chore issues etc, etc.

We have become a family of pets.  We now have goldfish, tropical fish, two dogs and a Himalayan Persian/Domestic kitten aptly named Cleopatra.  Cleo is stunning, she is so adorable and cute and has wormed her way into our hearts in just a few hours.

Remind me of this post in a few weeks, when I am tearing out my hair, but for now. We are happy.

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Julie said...

How Gorgeous..they match!