Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm Back

It was the computer, not the operator that went on a 'go-slow'.  Matthew downloaded a huge file and exceeded our monthly quota - so my internet went on a 'go-slow'.  It was so frustrating that I just switched it off.  Anyway, it re-set last night, so am back in the world of blogging etc.

It is so interesting, when you sit in front of a screen waiting for something that had been instantaneous and now you have to wait moments for; our world sits at our fingertips now and waiting is now impossible. When I think of how slow life used to be, and how we now take it for granted that we can acccess anything at the tap of a keyboard  - I am blown away.

I love living today.  I love my computer. I love the internet. I love technology.

1 comment:

Ian Weatherburn said...

"I love my computer. I love the internet. I love technology."

??? Where is Beverly and what have you done with her, you alien imposter you! :)