Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life update

Wow - look at our teenage girl!

Looking good!

These last couple of weeks have been rather hectic. I have been sorting out clothes that Sarah has grown out of, and unpacking the clothes that Elizabeth bought and wore in the USA. Sarah is loving the fact that she finally fits into Elizabeth's beautiful clothes.

She looks like a beautiful fun teenager in these clothes, but in reality is so much more comfortable in her trackpants and T-shirts.

My clean fish tank

And my new fish
After a couple of years of having guppies - which bred live babies - ate them - we rescued them - they bred more - they ate more etc. etc. Finally we are down to one female guppy and I refuse to have more (even though they are so pretty).  So yesterday, I bought neon tetras, black tetras, and tiger tetras - very pretty.
Hopefully, they do as well as the guppies.

I have also spent the week stripping more wallpaper, attending doctor's appointments for children etc. etc.

Life is fun and goes on.

1 comment:

darlin said...

Wow, your baby is growing up so fast! She looks magnificent!

It sounds like you've been pretty busy with all that you're doing, the fish tank looks awesome, I love the no more wallpaper but what a job... I seen the other post already. I'm trying to catch up on missed posts but will have to stop soon. One more post on my blackboard site then a final which will officially end this phase of my journey for now.

Have a great weekend and send some of your energy this way please! ;-)