Thursday, April 21, 2011

2nd post today

Welcome Home Matthew!

A tired and dirty camper
 Matthew returned from school camp today - it was a full on total adventure camp - based at Emu Gully  This was an amazing experience from the sound of it, with lots of great team building exercises and fun.

Matthew said they did tunnel crawling, log bridge crossings, rope courses, night walks, carrying stretchers, mud-pool crossings and finally ATV driving - all in all a full on 3 days.  The camp is run on an army style course and has ex-soldiers who serve as co-ordinators and guides.  The did a lot of team building talks and Matthew was given quite a bit of great feedback as a great leader. From his team-mates.  He is hoarse from all the shouting, bruised from the climbing, sore muscles from all the exercise and just plain tired.  But, he seems to have had the most amazing experiences.

Give me some Coke!
As you can see from the photo above, a week on water only was soon broken by a couple of large glasses of coke.  He is back on the computer and happily looking forward to his 5 day Easter break.

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darlin said...

Sounds like Matthew had a ton of fun, if he didn't come home a bit banged up he most likely wouldn't have had nearly as much fun... boys eh? lol

I think that camp is such a cool idea, I wonder if they have anything like this for the kids here, I should check into it and send my defiant niece to a camp like this for a year! lol

Enjoy your day Beverly!