Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tomorrow I am NOT laying floorboards

It is blurred and I am so sorry about this as it is a great photo. Here I am after fitting the very last floorboard in Elizabeth's room.  (We do still have a few floorboards to lay inside the cupboards, but they are easy ones) The rooms are however, COMPLETE!

This is how good it was looking

Trying to figure out the last angles

Looking towards the passage and the completed area.

Elizabeth so thrilled with her room.

The Team laying the last board, Elizabeth was on this end, so out of the photo.
It has been a long 2 months, since we started the renovations, but it is just amazing the difference in the children's end of the house.  When all the furniture is in place and we have had our garage sale and sold all the accumulated things of 21 years of marriage - our home is going to be a beautiful, peaceful place.

Of course, that is until we start on our end of the house :)  But, I am taking a break first.


Julie said...


darlin said...

The floors look spectacular Beverly! And look at the bright side, there's only one room to do for two of you. :-) For sure take a break, do things you want to do for yourself, you most definitely deserve a break!

Beverly said...

Yay!!!!! Is certainly the word.

Today Dad and I will do some fiddly bits to get skirting boards attached and the rooms ready for some furniture tomorrow.