Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Spectacular

Following on from Saturday Success (my previous post) is todays.

We all had a lovely late lie-in this morning, in fact I stayed in bed until 11am to finish my book - what bliss.  Then it was up to begin painting. Ivan, Sarah and I tackled Matthew's room. Elizabeth tidied the house (she is not good with paint smells) and Matthew worked on his assignment.

 This is where we started this morning, Ivan worked on the white edges, while Sarah and I had the fun of painting Matt's blue wall.
 Sarah was fantastic with the roller and did most of the two coats on the blue wall, as well as helping with the white. Tomorrow, she may not be able to lift her arms. :(

 The end product - Matt was so thrilled - his smile said it all.
Wow - look at that.

 All the horrible yellow nearly covered - it only took two coats of white - glad I bought good paint.
 Now the walls, need to dry and just a few touch ups needed.

 Next weekend we lay floorboards - how exciting.
To finish the day we had a beautiful sunset.

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Mom said...

Oh my goodness Beverly, Sarah is the splitting image of you, well done Sarah, it looks fantastic, keep up the good work everone.,