Sunday, June 19, 2011

This picture says it all

This is ME after a very long weekend/week/month.

Today Dad and I tackled the floor in Sarah's room - it took ages as it has a Bay window, which required many angles.
This is the window I was talking about.

Resting in between board cutting

At the end of a very long day.  Dad is wonderful figuring out how to cut the corners

Nearly finished!

After two days of painting, Dad and I started to do the floorboards in Sarah's room. It was a little fiddly to start, but we managed to get a good rhythm going, laying a couple of rows at a time.

I even got a chance to do some cutting on Dad's big machine - look out for the next post. Tomorrow we continue again - finish off one room and continue onto the next.


Julie said...

Hmmmnn.. red walls and hardwood floors. Looks familiar! I love it.

Beverly said...

Sure does - it looks spectacular and is very reminiscent of your beautiful home in SLC. Miss you!