Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another catch-up Post

Yesterday and today were Painting Days:

We started in Sarah's new room (Elizabeth's old room) - Ivan took all the furniture out and set up Elizabeth's bed in the lounge.
Then it was time to prepare and paint.
Elizabeth was determined to help with the painting and did a fantastic job, doing most of the white and a lot of the red.

We got Sarah out of her sick bed, to roll the first bit of red paint onto her feature wall.

The red covering the yellow

All done! (Again dragged out of sickbed)

It has been so much fun allowing the children to chose the colours for their rooms. Sarah started off the whole process by asking for a red wall. My first reaction was NO of course not, but when I thought about it, I thought why not?  Sarah's room is fantastic the colour is spectacular and so her.  Her new furniture arrives on Thursday, so we will move her in then - if we have her floors completed. Which we should have, as we are tackling that tomorrow.  So that was yesterday - next post is about today - so look out for it.

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darlin said...

Wow, that's red all right! I can't wait to see how the room comes together with the new furniture. I sure hope everyone gets feeling good soon, that bug sure has been lasting around your house.

The kids must all be in their glory being able to choose their own colors, that's so awesome you let them each choose what they want.