Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello Wall

Messy work
 For all of you who are familiar with the movie - 'Shirley Valentine' you will know that the main character speaks to her wall - no one else in her family listens. Hence the title of this blog.
But, today it has a slightly different meaning. It is hello wall, welcome to our home.
Standing in Elizabeth's new room, looking out towards the new passage.
 Elizabeth was so excited with her new room, she has wanted to help with the renovations since we started but has had university and work most of the time.  Today however, she came home at a perfect time and spent 30 mins helping me.  The funniest thing happened however, she bent down on top of the plaster bucket and . . . Oops!


darlin said...

LOL she's still fairly clean, give her a full day of working alongside of you and then look out! :-) The house is coming right along, it's getting exciting now. Will you be posting before and after photos when you're done? I'd love to see that!

Enjoy your day!

Mom & Dad said...

Oh dear me, this is so funny, sorry Elizabeth to laugh at you, we all love you so much. You know something WALL,(Beverly) your father was just saying to me how proud of you he is, how you are putting more than your half penny worth into this work, there was so much for you to achieve with him today and you did that and even more which includes 5 loads of washing,and now even at this late time of night 6.32pm are till looking after your big girl. he can't find the right words to say so he would like to tell the Wall !"Wow you are amazing". The new wall is up, the tape is on and you have the smaller sections to fill in tomorrow. It is time for the world to know what an amazing person you are, you are not a big girl, but you sure as hell have a big heart, I know that there are lots of people you read you Blog, some comment others don't but the ones that do comment would love to have you in their court. You are sure as hell one amazing girl. You are going to look back with pride that no matter how hard this past year has been for you and your family, you will soon find out that you are sure as hell "Shirley Valentine" However on saying that don't go to sit and watch the sun set with anyone but your OWN man by your side.

Beverly said...

Thanks for the lovely comments. Mom, I sure am wishing for my own Greek Island at the moment.

Darlene, I will be doing before and after photos for sure. Can't wait either.