Monday, June 20, 2011

Family, I'm down on my knees - I'm beggin you please - no more floors

My poor knees don't belong to me.  They are bruised and swollen and sore.
Today it was nearly 7 hours on them and only a small section completed. Dad and I spent ages trying to figure out the angles, and the cuts and the fittings etc.  Here are a few photos of what we had to deal with:

 We had to try and fit the boards around the cupboard sides, this was interesting to say the least. Then it was through the doorway. We could have used the metal joining strip, but at the end of the day, this will look much better and lock the boards together better.
 So it continued. Dad walked up and down the 50 paces of the garden at least 50 times. Measuring then cutting, then re-measuring and cutting.  Of course working in the narrow corridor was fun, well it is 900mm wide (nearly a metre) but it felt really small when trying to fit the boards.
 We finally made it into Elizabeth's room, the last room that needs floorboards (for this part of the renovation); and again it was angles and narrow boards.
 Seven hours later, we finally called it quits, we had a row ready to fit, but it was fiddly and difficult and we were both tired. So tomorrow is another day.  I decided that if I hid inside the very tiny cupboard and kept really quiet, then no-one would find me and I could just curl up and sleep.  Sadly, the aching knees, ankles, thighs, arms etc, told me to climb out.
So as the Simon & Garfunkel song Cecilia goes: Family, I'm down on my knees, I'm beggin you please, no more floors, no more floors.


Julie said...

knee pads. That's all I'm sayin. It is looking fabulous! I think when you're done ( and rested!!) I 'll have to use it as an excuse to come visit!

Beverly said...

No excuse needed, anytime, anyday

darlin said...

I agree with Julie 100%, knee pads all the way. That saves a lot of agony and pain, I even use them for gardening and it sure helps! I hope you get through this soon, if you're knees are too sore give them a bit of a break, the work will wait for you. I must say though that the floors are looking fantastic!

Beverly said...

Knee pads are designed for normal sized people not 4''10" (widgets) like me; so they tend to hurt like hell at the back on my legs. Luckily I now have time to let them recover.