Monday, June 27, 2011

The Team

Last night at about 5pm, Dad and I called it quits.  We have all three children in their rooms, doors on the rooms and as much completed as is possible and we can now rest.

Thanks Dad!
So here are some final photos of the girl's rooms.

 Sarah's amazing room - she is so happy in it and yesterday enjoyed moving more of her possessions in, as Elizabeth moved her things out of her cupboards.

 Elizabeth helped Grandad put up the architrave around the door.
 And then started packing her cupboards.
 We moved in her bookcase (made by Grandad of course) and she chose the books she wanted in her room.
 We set up her new TV, and she sat on the floor watching excitedly as it tuned into the channels.
 Now this photo says it all- a girl with a beautiful, peaceful room. Elizabeth looking so happy. We are still waiting for her curtains, but sheets will do in the meantime.
 Ivan and Dad watching TV for a few minutes in Elizabeth's room.
So two months after we began, by hanging up my tumble dryer on April 26th, we finished on June 26th. We gave ourselves until June 30th, to achieve the completion of the three rooms and we did it with 4 days to spare. 

It has been a lot of hard work of course, but it has been a wonderful experience.  I am however, looking forward to slowing down for just a little time. My house needs to be emptied, sorted and cleaned.

Thank you for folliwng along and also for all your lovely comments. The Renovation team is now signing off!


darlin said...

I'm so glad you had us along for the adventure and hard work, although I did nothing but sit here and comment. The work is amazing, the rooms look fantastic and hats off to each one of you for a magnificent job, what team work.

Take a break now Beverly, sit back and enjoy life for a while... you've more than earned it!

I'll be taking a bit of a break from commenting on my friends blogs, as hard as it's going to be I have to if I'm going to get through all of this reading for a course which begins next week. It's a Masters course and we're flying through it in 2 weeks, needless to say there's tons of prep work so I'd best get after it!

Take care and again, fantastic team work! I need a crew like you have there! :-)

Dorothy said...

Good luck with your reading for your course, I know Beverly has really appreciated all your lively and funny and encouraging comments over the past two months. This is what friends are for, even though they have never met. I have a special friend in South Africa, and many a day when I am in the depths of despair she will make a little comment that brings a wonderful smmile to my face. I know Beverly has appreciated your daily comments. Well done and good luck. Don't go too far away from the blogs.

Michelle said...

Congratulations, Beverly! The Team has certainly worked hard and the Smiles are delightful! :)

I can see the Angels who are enJOYing the celebration of New Energy, too!

darlin said...

Hi Dorothy,

That's wonderful you have a friend who can cheer you up or you do the same for her. We all need good friends like that and I consider Beverly to be one of those friends. I love following her around and seeing what's transpiring in her life. She reminds me a lot of me, that's probably why we connected to begin with.

I took some of my own good advice and I dropped the course which was to start next week, I was super stressed out over it and I figure it's just not worth it. I'll focus on the two courses I have on the go and somehow I'll squeeze in enough courses to still graduate next year, it's still doable, hectic but I know I can do it!

Have a wonderful day Dorothy and thank you! You are a wonderful lady.