Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday success

Painting King
 Ivan is a fantastic Painter, he has paitence and experience and actually enjoys it, well not the celings - then I guess no-one does.  Yesterday he did the whole ceiling in Matt's double room (two coats) - it looks fantastic.

 Dad and I stayed out of the way and worked on our own 'little' project - the cornice in the new passage and Elizabeth's room - this is our wall.
 The finished, plastered, messy thing is completed. It looks horrible at this stage, but all this plastering will be sanded and smoothed and then when it is painted it will look like it has always been there.

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darlin said...

WOW! Things are starting to really come together! I read Sunday's post first and had to come back, it's the way they show up on dashboard. What an amazing difference in Matthew's room, it looks fantastic! I love the huge bedroom window in his room and the work... well it's a brand new room! Excellent work Beverly, hats off to your family for all pitching in! I see you have your husband in on it now as well... this puts a smile on my face. When it's time to do renovations my bf pulls out his cheque book, he's not much of a handyman when it comes to renos but he can get any vehicle running in no time at all!

Have a fantastic day and good for you to be able to spend a morning reading! You deserve a break.