Saturday, June 18, 2011

Progress update

Sorry about the lack of posts - just been too busy and had a sick family.

So where were we - oh yes, Matthew's room was finished and we have moved all his furniture into his room.  He is so happy.

Now we are working on Sarah's and Elizabeth's - here are some photos.

The boys settled into Matt's room to watch the big TV he bought himself

Mom, this is just great

We started with a solid wall and now we have a window

From the inside it looks great

My sick girl - teasing her by wearing a mask

Matt helping remove the carpet from Sarah's new room.


darlin said...

You're relentless, but it's sure looking awesome! :-) Is it starting to feel like you have a brand new home yet?

Dorothy said...

Darlin, I am so proud of my family, they all pull together so well. Matthew was at work today even though he was not well, Sarah been to Doctor so she is not well. I don't think either Ivan, Bevelry or Elizabeth have any feelings in their arms and shoulders but they are doing a fantastic job and it looks incredible. Tomorrow another big day with flooring going down. I am cooking them a roast dinner for early evening so am sure they will enjoy it. It is so lovely that you keep up to date with Beverly's blog, I know she really appreciates your friendship from so far away.

darlin said...

Hi Dorothy,

You're keeping the crew fed and that's a chore in itself. I love watching the cooperation amongst your family and this work coming together. You have a fantastic daughter, but I don't need to tell you that. :-) I enjoy watching from afar this labor of love, everyone is so helpful... even when they're sick. You're all amazing people, people I'd love to meet one day!