Monday, June 13, 2011

And just to show that it is not all over . . .

While Dad and I were finishing off Matt's room with help from Ivan, Mom & Elizabeth at times; other work was in progress.  Ivan was emptying Elizabeth's new room, ready for the window installation. Elizabeth yesterday, was pulling up the last of the carpet, and Mum and her were cleaning off the wallpaper.

So here are a few more photos:

Washer Woman

Having a little fun - Granny dripping water on Elizabeth, as she struggles in the small space to rip up the carpets.

Sarah sick in bed with the flu

Matthew in bed with bronchitis.
 Both children were a 'great deal of help' - NOT!!  Still it kept them out of the way.  What a weekend to be sick and now Ivan is down with the flu and not at all well.
An empty room ready for painting.

There will be a window on this blank wall on Wednesday.

This is how we are living, working around the mess as we move things from room to room.

The war wounded - injuries from working.

The feeding team - lunch for the workers. Toasted cheese & tomato sandwiches - yummy.

So at the end of a long weekend (Queen's birthday holiday) - we have achieved miracles - next weekend is another big push. So look out.


darlin said...

This is awesome watching you redo your house, it's going to be a brand new house by the time you're all done with it. What a ton of work, that's unfortunate everyone is coming down with the flu, I hope they all have a speedy recovery and good heath from here on in...the extra hands sure make a difference as you well know! Have a wonderful day! :-)

Dorothy said...

Darlin, sometimes it is better that they stay in bed and keep out of the way !!!! Hee Hee. EliZabeth, Beverly, Brian and I manage quite well on our own.