Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Painting Princess or not?

 Today I decided to tackle the Primer/undercoat/sealer on the new wallboard section.  This area needs a special coat of paint before we begin the rest of the painting.  It helps protect the wallboard.  So I got ready.  I didn't want my hair covered in paint, so hunted out a shower cap from one of our hotel visits - it worked a treat, but did I look a duck or what????
 I still managed to get paint speckles all over my face.
The wall before

The wall after.
Now we can begin the rest of the painting this weekend.  Progress is being made at last. Felt like we had reached a standstill. 

And for the rest of the day. . .

 Our roof was filled with disgusting old insulation and rat droppings, it was such a health hazard and we have been breathing in this stuff for 6 years. Today it all got cleared out. 
We even had a rainbow to bless the house as they started work.

So professional and efficient.

A fantastic local company - Outback Insulation - Fantastic job guys.

The finished ceiling.
At the end of the day, my roof is filled with fluffy white insulation - I could even go up and sleep there tonight it is so soft and clean.  The house feels warmer and cleaner already and when we are finished our renovations it will be perfect.


Julie said...

Princess...definitely princess. Looks like fun!

Mom said...

Certainly not a princess but rather a very efficient surgeon, thank goodness she is not operating on me. Well done Beverly, both you and Dad are on a tight schedule now with both of you getting ready for surgery.

darlin said...

Wow, you're building a new house darn near! What a pile of work but it'd definitely going to be 100% worth it! Don't you get itchy from insulation? I sure do, I think that our insulation is made from some type of fiberglass, don't quote me on that but there's something in it that everyone who touches it has to cover right up.

I love your painters look! :-)