Monday, June 13, 2011

Matt's room is finished !!!!!!

Today we did it - we finished Matthew's room and installed him in it - what a feeling of accomplishment.

Last bit of hard work

Almost finished

First piece of furniture in the room

Thank you Granddad for my lovely room

Beginning to look my a bedroom

Now the couch is in place

A photo taken the bed end of the room - quite amazing.
So just 6 weeks from when we first started the renovations, Matthew's room is complete and he has moved into it.  This job involved knocking down 2 cupboards and an interleading wall, filling in the ceiling, two walls, plastering, painting, and also in this time we have had the insulation in the roof completely refurbished. It is amazing to look back over the month and see where we started. 

Matthew, I bless your room and wish you many hours of joy and peace in it. Health to enjoy our beautiful Son.

Dad & Mum, thank you for all your help - you have been wonderful.

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darlin said...

Wow, the room looks amazing! What a team you all are and I bet it feels so good to have it all done. Way to go, now about that trip to Canada... bring the crew please! :-)