Thursday, January 30, 2014

Health update

Day Three:

Pump is out and poison has stopped.  Nausea is under control with some strong drugs, which leave me very groggy and sleepy, but all in all it is not too bad.

The good news is that my blood counts are excellent. My oncologist is very pleased at how well they have picked up again this cycle.

Need to keep an eye on the diarrhea - recent very black stools, may indicate an upper stomach slow bleed, so if it occurs again I will have to have an endoscopy to check the upper linings of my stomach. It might however, have been the delicious and rather large portions of dark, chocolate mud cake I consumed over my 50th birthday - lets hope.

Still I am under great care and feel safe.

After my next treatment ( 1/2 way through) I will have a full PET scan to get and idea of any nasties lurking - hopefully none.

Tomorrow is another full rest day and then the recovery begins for the next cycle.

So here is the health update for this fortnight.


Red said...

That's a tough update. I hope tests show the all clear.

Beverly said...

Thanks Red, me too. Just day by day and week by week. Hanging in here.