Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pet Power

The last couple of days I have had the joy and company of our three cats and our parrot.  Now these cats are not all mine - Cleo the Persian cross - was Sarah's kitten, but her snooty nature and the fact that she adopted me - means she is kind of mine. Although her loyalties are often divided and she has adopted Matthew and his room as her sanctuary. 

Greyson is Elizabeth's cat - he adopted her He is a Manx cross - short tale and long back legs.  In our local Pets and Produce, he just pushed himself against the cage about a year ago and she fell in love.  But, I have been visited by him and he has spent some time with me as well - yesterday.

Now, we also have Mae - this is Sarah's kitten - chosen, and owned. She is a Bengal cross and wasn't very friendly, but since being de-sexed just before Christmas we have noticed a huge personality change and she is lovely. 

So with these descriptions in mind I share that yesterday I had time with each of them on my desk.

Frustrations are that I cannot load photos today - so will try tomorrow.  But here are the words.

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Davine said...

Looking forward to some photos. I must say I do miss my dog Zoe while we are travelling.