Sunday, January 26, 2014

Australia Day

 Our local neighbourhood was decorated with lovely Australian Flags to celebrated Australia Day.

20 years ago today we became Australian Citizens.  We had moved just two years previously - leaving South Africa for the unknown land.  I had no idea where I would live or even how I would cope in my new country. I was leaving my family, who I was very close to, and tackling a new world, with my little 2 year old and my husband.

But... I knew that it was the right move.  Within 2 years we had the privilege of becoming Citizens on Australia Day, at a full ceremony in City Hall.  It was very special and to this day I treasure my Citizenship of the 'lucky country'.

As a treat - Mum, Dad, Elizabeth and I went to our local sports club for a yummy lunch and then I came home and did what all 'good' housewives do - I did the ironing. 

In need of some fresh air and rejuvenation of my soul - I went for another walk this evening.  Yesterday, Ivan and I took a walk and for the first time in months - held hands and talked and walked. The breeze was beautiful, sunset lovely and our time together enriching.
Tonight, I needed another walk and Sarah came with me - this time I took my camera.  This is my favourite photo of the walk.  Our shadows on the grass - me on the left and Sarah on the right.

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Red said...

Moving to another country and becoming a citizen is something not many people experience. However if my ancestors hadn't moved, I wouldn't be here.