Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Second week of January 2014

It has been a busy New Year.  Tuesday - December 31st saw me have my 3rd chemo treatment and as such I saw in the New Year in a 'drug-induced' haze - the anti-nausea drugs work fantastically, but they make me groggy and incoherent, still it is worth it.

Not an elegant photo - but one worthwhile putting in my blog - because it is how I spend the two days of chemotherapy - attached to a yucky pump - asleep, writing, or reading.
Thursday - January  2nd, I got rid the pump - thank goodness, but it still takes about a week to get over the effects. I try really hard to get back up and about on the Friday and Saturday, but I have discovered that it is really only by the Monday that I am beginning to feel good again.

This week, we had our niece Alana and our nephew Dean come up from Canberra to spend some time with us.  They arrived on Saturday evening 4th.  Sunday we all went to see the Disney animated movie Frozen - a wonderful, uplifting movie. Tuesday 7th, it was a family treat - 10 of us (including Granny and Grandad - off to the movies to see The Hobbit - Desolation of Smaug  - another great movie. 

We have enjoyed some beautiful weather and a chance to swim together, play games, watch some TV shows and share lots of talking and laughter.
Sarah and Elizabeth enjoying the pool

What a smile!

Cool Dean - relaxing

Alana - totally relaxed
 And the best of all was watching Sarah have fun with her big cousin - playing with the ball around the pool.

Today I have cleaned my house - I have treated myself to a new vacuum cleaner, mine was only 10 years old, but it has been overworked over the past years, cleaning up renovation dust.  My new cleaner is fantastic, it has power, gadgets and I love the fact that I enjoyed the 2 hour chore of cleaning house.  It was a blessing in so many ways.
The first is that I have a house to clean. The second is that I have people and pets in my life that have made a mess in it worth cleaning. The third is that I can afford a wonderful new cleaner with which to clean my house and the fourth is that today I have the energy to clean - I am well enough. 
My life is blessed and I am going to count every blessing, big and small. 

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Red said...

You've got attitude to show yourself in an inelegant pose!! Keep hanging in there. You've got lots of entertainers.