Monday, January 20, 2014

Hair today ... Gone Tomorrow

Last time I had my chemotherapy regime - my hair thinned slightly, but I hardly lost any of it.  I felt almost guilty - that I wasn't really a 'cancer sufferer' - I mean I coped well, didn't lose my hair etc.

Crazy I know!

This time however, it is different!

One of the drugs causes severe hair thinning - note I said thinning not loss. I have always had really thick, luxurious hair and to stand in the shower and find piles of it on the floor is quite daunting. Also, when I wake up in the morning and smooth my pillows, I feel like a bear wakening from hibernation - my pillow is covered in hair.

The last couple of days I have had a sore head - it is tender.  Causes:  Sunburn, combing, washing and just having a very bare head. Then yesterday, out at the shops, I caught my reflection and there was a lady with very thin hair covering her head, looking back at me.

So today - I took the big step.  I dug out my supply of scarves and turbans.  I found some pretty earrings and went out feeling so much better.

Here are a couple of photos:


Davine said...

It's only hair Beverly. You are still beautiful.

Red said...

Some hair might be missing but the smile is still there.

Mom said...

I tell you this child of ours always looks beautiful and can wear any style of hat, now she has proved that she still looks beautiful with her turban on, keep up your spirits sweetheart.