Saturday, January 18, 2014

Medical update and a bit of a pity party

Treatment number four has been a rough one.  Unfortunately, due to a mix-up - one of my pre-med anti-nausea drugs was missed.  This meant that the nausea and vomiting set in really quickly and rather vigorously.  Tuesday evening was pretty rough and by Wednesday morning I was back at the clinic.

My lovely nurse Lauren arranged for 2 litres of saline and 4 separate anti-nausea meds.  I spent the next 2 hours sleeping - being rehydrated. It wasn't a good day.

It is now Saturday and I have managed to get up for a few hours this morning, but the fatigue, nausea, diarrhoea and general feeling of un-wellness has left me feeling a little low.

Chemotherapy is a tough journey and although I know that every side-effect is having a devastating effect on the cancer itself, there are times when I really just want to stop.  One of the hardest side-effects is something fairly silly.  It has affected my sense of smell.  My whole body smells toxic to me - no-one else can really smell the changes, but I feel as though I am actually rotting.  Sorry everyone, not a great subject, but really want to keep this year's posts honest - for myself.

My wonderful children changed all my bed linen for me last night and I am showering and washing regularly, but I really wish I could get away from the odour.

I guess it is only day 4 of my 14 day cycle and by tomorrow - I will once more be on the mend. A little more positive, upbeat and healing.  Until then - adieu!


Mom said...

Beverly, a smell means so many different things, yes you might feel that the smell is the chemo smell, but the only smell I remember is when they placed you in my arms and you smelt so sweet, so beautiful, and I will always remember that smell of life, so hang in there sweetheart, you will always smell of that beautiful smell of a new born baby, and after this chemo is over you will still smell as a child that I gave birth to you. Hang in their darling, as a Mom, there will never be any bad smells from my children.

Red said...

It takes a tough patient to put up with this ordeal. It will be worth it.

Beverly said...

Mom thank you for these lovely words I love you.

Beverly said...

Thanks Red