Friday, January 24, 2014

50 ... Foxy ... Fabulous and with a Future!

Today I am 50!

At my 40th birthday I wrote that I was Fat, Fabulous and 40!  I wasn't sure how I felt about myself - it was a decade that I thought I was prepared for, but found myself floundering through my forties.  It was a time of change, a time of learning who I was - some things were daunting and almost soul-destroying, but I discovered that I could survive.  And then ... just when I had a handle on being Me and being happy with myself the big "C" arrived on the scene.  I got Cancer or should I say Cancer got Me. 

Today I am 1/2 century old - almost an antique, but definitely a collector's model.  Where my life is headed I just don't know, but I do know that I am going to begin my next 1/2 century looking forward and living each day to the full.

Here is how my birthday has panned out so far.....

Yesterday and this morning I had some Me time to work on my writing.  I printed out all my beautiful poems, and short stories. I realised in the past 5 years or so I have written over 150 pieces of work, as well as two novels and the beginnings of a book on parenting.  I am a prolific writer.

My poems and short stories.
This morning Sarah, Elizabeth and I had a meeting with Sarah's school to discuss her school program. It was just wonderful to have a meeting with an amazing educator who has arranged for Sarah to complete her 2 year final years over a 3 year program.  With care and love - Westside Christian College is nurturing Sarah through her education - so instead of dropping out of school this year, she is taking on an extra year and planning to achieve an amazing result.

Sarah and I having a special laugh

Elizabeth giving me a cuddle

My beautiful daughters
After our meeting we picked up some groceries and drove home to a wonderful surprise - the family had decorated the front of the house and inside to give me a birthday party to remember.  Given that I had no idea how well I would be feeling today - I had not planned to celebrate - but my special family had other ideas and here is the result.

My kids - Patrick (my other son), Elizabeth, Matthew and Sarah.

 The front garden covered in ribbons - I guess someone special lives here.

 My Daddy and I sharing a giggle and laugh together - note the red wig (in case I didn't have any hair)
 Yup!  I am 50!
 The house all decorated.
 Swallowing the cake - or blowing out the candle
 Love the hat, the wig and the smile
 Sarah and Me
 Elizabeth and Me
 Matthew and Me
 And my cheeky Patrick and Me
 Look at all my gifts
 And of course ... my amazing show cabinet from Ivan

Totally spoilt - I still had the joy of lunch with Mum, Dad, Elizabeth and Patrick.  Sarah and Matthew hate eating out and so today - although it was my special day - I chose to do something different.  I didn't insist they come out with me, in fact I insisted they didn't.  I am of course a little sad, that it wasn't there thing, but I focussed on what I wanted and went with the flow.

So the next step in my lovely day was lunch.

 My amazing beautiful Mum and Me - I love you Mum. Thank you for carrying me for nine months and nurturing me for 50 years.

 Mum, Dad and I - Dad looking serious - of course and Elizabeth smiling in the background.
 My Daddy and Me.
 Patrick and Elizabeth sharing a lovely lunch at the RSL Club
 Elizabeth and Granny
 A couple of family photos
So as my day begins to draw to a close, I wait for Ivan to return from his business trip.  This morning I woke to an email and a phone call.  It has been hard for him.  Work is so demanding and in supporting him - we have slowly realised that it has begun to rule our lives - this realisation has been good - because now we can change things.  Yes... he needs to work, but he needs to work to live ... not live to work.  So we will be re-thinking our focus. 

My 50th year is one that will hold challenges I know. But ... I also know that I am a very blessed and lucky woman.  I have parents who love me and are still with me. I have 3 beautiful biological children and 1 special adopted son; all of whom I am so proud.  And most of all I have a man who I have shared 25 years with, 25 amazing years ... and I love him more now than I did 25 years ago.

I know my health is under threat ... but on this day - I am alive ... I am happy and I am 50!


Julie said...

I have to say that some of the best years of my life ( thus far) have happened after 50. I always tell people that EVERYONE should take up a new ( preferably dangerous!) hobby / sport after 50, move to a 3rd world country AND learn a new are you moving? What sport are you taking up and what language are you learning...??? Absolutely no "excuses" because of the big C now...come least give me the "dream " answer!!

Lovely post by the way....

Davine said...

What a wonderful, beautiful, loving post. Thanks for sharing your special day.

Red said...

Happy birthday! What a great and colorful celebration.

Mom said...

We had the most wonderful day being together with Beverly and family celebrating her 50th birthday, but have just phoned her and said "Happy 50 and 1 day", she just laughed, she says she is tired at the moment but I think she had such a busy, fun, exhausting day yesterday that it is now time to rest.

Beverly said...

Julie - the 'dream' answer is 'Spanish' and I am not taking up a sport - I hate sport, I hate exercise and I can't think of anything that appeals.

What I am taking up is my life - with both hands - doing the things I love.

Photography, writing, and travelling. Who knows I might even make it to Mongolia