Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014 to one and all.

A day late - but sending you all my love and best wishes for 2014.

As from my previous post - I am more than happy to face 2014 with a positive face.

Today is a good day as my chemo pump is disconnected and then I have 12 days without the the poison pushing through my body.

It has been a fairly good couple of days. I have kept myself well-drugged up with the required anti-nausea tablets and stayed in bed all day yesterday. It does take its toll on my brain - I call it 'chemo-brain'- makes me groggy and I have to concentrate on what is said, and then I take ages to think on an answer.

I don't have a specific New Year's resolution this year, but my dreams and wishes are for a healthy year ahead. I send out this wish to all my family and friends.


Mom said...

So wonderful to see you being able to post on your Vesta for the first time for 2014. Take each day as it comes sweetheart, and if you are tired, just go and lie on the bed, all your family are behind you every step of the way and no matter what is required, we will all be there for you.

Red said...

Vesta, you're right on the money here as it's Jan 1.
I wish you all the best for 2014.

Mark Tullett said...

And all the veru Best for you and yours in 2014 too. XX hugs from VnG. XX