Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Elizabeth

24 years ago today my dream of becoming a mother was fulfilled.  Ever since I could remember all I ever wanted was to be a Mum.  February 2nd, we were blessed with the gift of our baby girl. 

The past 24 years have been filled with love. Elizabeth you are an amazing woman and I am so proud of you.  You have challenged us and at times driven us crazy, but every step has been filled with JOY!

To watch those first few steps (at just 8 months old), listening to your first words as I read to you(Amen - from the Postman Pat book) and the incredible determination and strength you have always shown, inspire me.  I know you will overcome anything placed before you. You will thrive and conquer your world.

I love and admire you so much my Angel-girl.  Be Happy! Follow your dreams and have a wonderful year.

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Mom said...

And such a beautiful granddaughter, who has blessed our lives for the past 24 years.