Thursday, February 13, 2014

Freedom and Debt

Yesterday - 12th February was a very big day:

Matthew bought his first car.  He has been researching for a few weeks now and had narrowed it down to a Holden Barina or the Hyundai Accent.  The Barina was a little cheaper, but with all the features he wanted, so that was the one we were probably going to choose.  A test drive of both however resulted in him spending a little more to get his new car - the Hyundai.

The Hyundai Accent is a very classy car.  His finance was approved last night and so now we just have to wait for a car to be available for delivery. 

The other great news is that he has finished his 100 hours required to sit his Driver's test.  Queensland has brought in this 'stupid' (in my opinion) requirement that young drivers have to complete 100 hours of practice.  It is expensive and time consuming and doesn't necessarily teach kids how to be good drivers.  Many parents just put their kids in the car and get them to drive an hour up the highway and an hour back.  It has been difficult for us, as everything is within 20 minutes of home, so to collate these hours has been frustrating.  But.... now he is ready to take his test in the next couple of weeks.  A couple more fine-tuning driving lessons with the Driving instructor will get him completely ready and then our boy will be on the road - I will post a big sign - so everyone else can stay off the road. Only joking Matthew!

Holden Barina

Hyundai Accent
Well Done Matthew - we are so proud of you.   You have saved really hard for a 20% deposit on your car and are a good driver.  Dad and I wish you safe driving and the freedom this brings to you.

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