Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cool heads make wise decisions

Our February heat has been fairly unbearable - not only have we had temperatures in the mid to high 30's but the humidity has been hovering above 70%.

My head has been suffering - the loss of most of my hair and the effects of chemotherapy have left me fairly light on hair. Heat rashes, sore scalp and dripping perspiration resulted in me phoning my friend and hairdresser at 6pm last night to request her help - when she had a chance.  Her reply was come on over in 40 minutes - the children will be fed and I will have made their school lunches.

Matthew came with me - he wasn't letting me go by myself - the reason - I was about to go bald!

Hair dripping with perspiration

Ready, set. smile

Starting with a number two blade

A number two was not short enough so....

it was down to a number one!

I must admit looking in the mirror is still very confronting.

But .... When you have awesome friends like Hayley - I love this photo - the smiles say it all.

So here I am - the proud owner of a bald head.  I guess I now truly feel like a cancer survivor and a chemotherapy patient.   But..... it is really so lovely and cool!  So it was a wise decision!


Red said...

...and you still have the big smile hair or no hair. I hope this makes you more comfortable. You'll get used to it. It makes hair washing a piece of cake.

Beverly said...

It totally does Red - love it