Sunday, February 2, 2014

Is it meant to be so hard?

I have had a challenging week with my chemotherapy.  My energy levels have been so low that I have been unable to get out of bed.  Sleep has been about all I have been capable of, and the frustration of that has left me feeling very low.

The nausea wasn't too bad thank goodness, but even drinking water was an effort. 

Hoping now for a little pick-up as we start the week ahead.

Sarah begins her school year - with support from Westside Christian College. Her subjects will be English, Drama, Film & Television studies and Biology. Instead of the regular six subjects per semester, she will be doing four and complete her schooling over 3 years instead of 2.  The support from her school will be wonderful, allowing her to achieve the best grades possible. She also has the Joy of looking forward to her Drama group, which begins again this week.

Matthew began his university course last week and enjoyed the new challenge. A fairly structured Business course I think will appeal to him and will give him his Associate Degree in Business in just 18 months.

Elizabeth is well on track to begin her Masters degree in mid February, and is working so hard at supporting the family. I cannot even begin to thank her enough for her love and support.

Ivan is travelling again for work, with challenges ahead as the year progresses.

Medical challenges abound as Dad faces his knee reconstruction in the next few weeks and I will have my PET scan in mid-February. 

So with this update, I guess I have to ask again - Is it meant to be this hard? 

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Red said...

It's really tough with a lack of energy and nausea to go along with it. You do seem to watch for some daylight.