Friday, February 14, 2014

Family News

My Dad had knee surgery on Wednesday and today I popped in to visit him - he is doing so well and looks amazing.  The surgery has been successful and he is already up and walking with crutches.  The pain is a bit intense after walking and physio - but otherwise more than bearable.

We live in a very blessed country - he has been on the waiting list for about 4 years, but this surgery has not cost him a single cent - it is all paid for under our Medicare system.  How can we complain.

My own health is good:  I am having a two week break from chemotherapy - this first week is to recover from the high levels of fatigue and then next week I am having another week off - to help our darling Sarah - who has been diagnosed with Asperger's.

After a number of years and many doctors - we finally appear to have a diagnosis that fits and that we can work with. Sarah has struggled for so long - feeling that it is her fault and to have someone finally say that this is just the way your brain processes things and you can learn to cope in a different way - has been a big relief.

We are still a long way away from getting her stable, but at last we have a team around her, that is supportive and helpful.  Sarah, my possum - we love you so much.

Next week we will help my 'other son' Patrick move out of our home into independence.  Since September Patrick has been living with us and growing in strength and amazing courage to become a strong, healthy and happy young man.  He is taking a big step as he moves into shared residence.  We will still be his support network and love and care for him, but it is a good step for him to be taking.

Elizabeth will be celebrating her birthday gift from Monday - Wednesday as she enjoys three days away in beautiful Montville - a relaxing and beautiful getaway for our girl.

So as this week draws to a close - I know that tomorrow the sun will rise and I will rise with it, confident that slowly we are getting things right.

 My beautiful Portulaca flowers outside my bedroom window
 And my lovely ladybug windmill keeping them company.


Red said...

I wish your Dad a speedy recovery. You sound much better and that comes through your writing. I will have to look up Asperger's again. What you describe is typical as some of these syndromes are very hard to diagnose.

Beverly said...

Red, it is really interesting. Sarah lives in a very black and white world. She has little empathy for others and finds social interactions difficult.

The comment that sums it up from me was something she told me when she was just 12 years old.

After an argument between us, I said "If God were here and I said that this was white and you said it was black - and he agreed with me - you would tell him he was wrong."

Her reply was: "No, I wouldn't - I would just tell him he didn't have all the facts."

You can't argue with that one. :)